Bike Buller Crank Crew Repeat Offender 

Are you a repeat offender? 

If you have registered as a Bike Buller Crank Crew member, you also qualify for the Crank Crew Repeat Offender program.

Every time you visit Mt Buller this summer, drop into the Alpine Central Visitor Information Centre located just a stone’s throw away from the Village Square, where there will be a card with your name and membership details on it.

For each mountain visit, you will be given a stamp on your card – accrue enough stamps and you’ll receive free Bike Buller merch! You’ll need to show your club card at the same time to prove your credentials, so make sure you bring it with you.

What freebies do I get? 

The more you visit, the more stamps you acquire and the better merch you’ll receive! How easy is that?

Number of Visits Merchandise Reward
3 Credit Card Bottle Opener
6 Stubby Holder
9 Water Bottle 
12 Bike Buller T-shirt 

Terms & Conditions 

  • Each visit – not matter how long you stay for – only constitutes one stamp. If you are staying for multiple days, you will not receive several stamps.
  • You must present your Bike Buller Crank Crew membership card in order to get a stamp.
  • The cardholder is the only person who can come into Alpine Central and qualify for a stamp. You can’t give it to your mates to get it stamped for you!
  • Stamps must all be collected within the same summer period and cannot be accrued over several summers. For example, stamps for summer 2015/16 must be authorised prior to the commencement of the winter 2016 season.