Downhill Mountain Biking

In summer, Mt Buller's premier snow runs turn into the ultimate downhill mountain biking course with a variety of challenging technical trail features such as berms, ramps and jumps. Accessible by chairlift, Mt Buller has been operating as a downhill venue since the 1980s, offering generations of riders the chance to feel the ultimate downhill thrill.

Mt Buller features 3 downhill, 1 flow track and 1 gravity trail, ranging from easy to advanced. Tracks are serviced by the Northside Express Chairlift -click here to view a full list of chairlift operating dates.

All riders must have a valid pass that covers the use of all mountain bike trails and the chairlift. Outside of the chairlift season, Blue Dirt Mountain Biking will operate a shuttle service for extended access to downhill mountain biking – so you can still keep riding the downhill trails even when the chairlift stops turning!

The downhill trails begin at Spurs Restaurant and are marked with trail-head signs detailing their degree of difficulty (green for easiest, blue for more difficult and black for most difficult), length and elevation loss.

Trail Map

To download the MTB map, please click here. For the latest on trail openings and closures, as well as maintenance, check out the trail report.

Downhill trail rules

Full face helmets approved to Australian bicycle riding standards are compulsory for all downhill mountain bikers. Other protective equipment such as gloves, body armour and protective eyewear are also recommended.

In the interests of safety and common courtesy to your fellow riders, please take note of and obey the following suggestions:
1. Ride in control.
2. Slower riders allow others to pass.
3. Remain on trail - no cutting of corners.
4. Obey all signs.
5. Respect wildlife.

For queries or further information about the downhill trails, please contact Buller Ski Lifts on 03 5777 7800 or

Trail Descriptions


Grade: Intermediate
Distance: 2.2km
Gradient: Moderate
Description: The original downhill trail at Mt Buller, raced and ridden for years, includes fast, open straights with sweeping corners, berms and numerous switchbacks. Begins at Northside Discovery Centre.
Technical features: Singletrack
Chairlift access: Northside Express


Grade: Easy
Distance: 1.5km (to Village centre)
Gradient: Undulating
Description: The top section of the ABOM track is designed as an introduction for beginners and allows access to the Village. Head down the classic ABOM downhill from the top (Northside Discovery Centre). Ride the three switchbacks, then contour over undulating terrain all the way to the sealed Summit Rd and down to the Village.
Technical features: Single track - 1m width, Switchbacks


Grade: Easy
Distance: 2.5km (from the Village centre)
Gradient: Moderate / Undulating
Description: A great flowing ride for all downhill enthusiasts. Ride down the main road until you reach ‘Hell Corner’. Take the track leading off Hell Corner and at the first intersection take a hard right down the Home Trail. Follow the vehicle trail to either exit at Skating Rink or Tyrol Carparks, or flow all the way to the bottom at Chalet Creek.
Technical features: Sealed main road access - 3m wide 4WD track.
Chairlift access: Northside Express


Grade: Advanced
Distance: 2km
Gradient: Steep
Description: Not for the faint hearted. The most advanced trail at Mt Buller, International is an extremely technical trail with commiting features. Recommended for expert riders only. Features extremely technical terrain including sustained rock sections, jumps, berms, bridges and drop-offs and includes the iconic 'Mark's Madness'.
Technical features: Single track, drop-offs to a height of 1m, bridges at a min. width of 250mm, berms to a max. angle of 75 degrees.
Chairlift access: Northside Express 


Grade: Intermediate 
Distance: 2km
Gradient: Moderate to steep 
Description: Starts at the back of the car park near Spurs Restaurant (F8). A couple of switchbacks then trail flows with land contour through snowgums and drop-offs.. Continue down steep switchbacks on Dam Run and onto open fire road to access chairlift. 
Technical features: Tight single track, drop-offs to a height of 0.5 metres, rocky sections. 
Chairlift access: Northside Express